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A Day Spa is not the same thing as a Skin Treatment Center Some people may think that a facial, is a facial. That you can go to a spa or a dermatologist at a skin treatment center and it’s the same thing. This is not true at all. Day Spas hire amateurs to put masks on your face, or do light exfoliation. These spa employees have no medical knowledge or experience. At a skin treatment center, real professional and experienced, educated dermatologists are on staff. They have real machines and chemicals to perform procedures like microneedling , microdermabrasion, advanced microdermabrasion, human growth factor, snail growth factor, chemical peels, etc. If you have wrinkles you would like to remove or prevent, you can go to these skin centers for anti-aging facials. If you have acne issues on your face or body, you can have clarifying treatments done to help clear up your skin. Besides the treatments that they can provide, these skin experts can give you diet advice, and advise you which products to use, how often to use them, and help advise on your overall lifestyle, which all adds up to the way your skin looks.

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