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Angaben zum Lebenslauf

In 1972, a group of Stanford University researchers did an experiment that emphasized a important tool for fast weight loss. |} If you {want|would like} to {lose|eliminate} the {pounds,|pounds, then} this discovery makes all {the|of the} difference. . .The researchers {placed|put} an enticing marshmallow treat {in front of|facing} {each|every} child participating in the {study|analysis}. {Then they|They then} promised the children {a second|another} marshmallow {if|when} they {could|can} wait 15 minutes {before|prior to} eating the marshmallow. Now {obviously|clearly} some {children|kids} waited and {some|a few} gobbled their marshmallow down. But {that|this} {wasn't|was not} the {amazing|remarkable} discovery... As {researchers|scientists} {tracked|monitored} these {children|kids} {through the years|over time} -- the {ones|individuals} who exercised restraint tended to have less {problems|issues} with obesity and drug {addiction|dependence}.

The Marshmallow Diet Trick For Fast Weight Loss