A Indie Skin Care Brand to Root For

von Clinton Brummitt (2019-03-13)

soapberry_face_wash_1400x.jpg?v=15188173Russell Organics is based in the Northeast. Founded by Director Richard Russell, the organization has acquired something remarkable.
The Company has set out on an incredible journey whose end result will create a new goal for Indie brands globally. Says Russell "Russell Organics set out to become the first Indie Skin Care Brand to become globally distributed, and all of a sudden we see the prize ahead of us."
In the skin care world, there are numerous Indie Brands in the market. There are additionally Brands referring to themselves Indie despite having received on external investment capital. This is always misleading tactics for a large global conglomerate attempting to benefit from consumer desire for smaller, more transparent brands. Some of the fake Indie brands: Drunk Elephant (VMG Partners). The truth is that it is very difficult to build a skin care company without external investment, which is the reason Russell Organics target has never been accomplished.
Russell Organics is benefittinf from a wave of customer beliefs that is aimed on finding and supporting authentic brands that are inline with the consumer’s belief of what a Brand might represent in the market. In the example of skin care Brands, consumers have definitely moved to Brands that are fully transparent with ingredients, and have a strong cruelty-free and Vegan position.
Russell has stated "animal testing or using animal derived ingredients is a line we will not cross. We do not even use Beeswax." Every item the Brand manufactures is cruelty-free and Vegan.
With numerous choices on the market for our skin care needs, it is passed merely choosing a product. You might choose a brand to support. A Brand that has the soul, energy, and creativity to achieve great results. This is why we cheer for Russell Organics. The authentic Indie Brand that is taking on the world of beauty.